Discover our motocycle routes

Tourisme Rimouski recommends five circuits in and around Rimouski, guaranteeing that motorcyclists enjoy their stay.

Circuit 1 – 160,5 km

For this excursion, called “Le Grand Rimouski”, you will explore country roads, the village of Bic and the villages of La Mitis.

Circuit 2 – 111,5 km

The shortest of the suggested circuits, but one that allows you to enjoy pleasant breaks
on the beach at Ste-Luce, Ste-Flavie or St-Marcellin.

Circuit 3 – 207 km

207 km of pure pleasure! This route is a shortened version of the “Route des Monts
Notre-Dame” which takes you along Highways 295 and 293 towards Trois-Pistoles, the capital of the RCM des Basques.

Circuit 4 – 278 km

Flirt with the Gateway to Gaspésie at Ste-Flavie and enjoy the best of both worlds: ride along the shore and breathe in the salty air, then ride in the countryside for a view of a unique rural landscape!

Circuit 5 – 381,5 km

When you set off on the “Route des Monts Notre-Dame”, you will pass through the hills
and valleys of this picturesque circuit. On the way back, you’ll join Highway 132 and
head for Rimouski.

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