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Eight rural municipalities and a city overlooking the water

About 300 kilometres east of Quebec City, the Rimouski-Neigette in the RCM covers a vast territory of 2,762 square kilometres, bounded by the St. Lawrence River to the north and New Brunswick to the south. It stretches along the banks of the river for more than 50 kilometres and is home to lakes, rivers, waterfalls, valleys and mountains. The Route des Monts Notre-Dame circuit crosses the countryside on main roads, treating visitors to some stunning scenery. This circuit has plenty of places to meet friendly people, discover new things, admire the scenery, sleep and eat well!

Rimouski, the largest city in the MRC, has a population of over 50,000.  With a strong focus on the knowledge sector, Quebec’s maritime capital is a dynamic city with a wide range of services, bustling with life and cultural activities.

It’s the perfect place to get away from it all, without ever getting bored!

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Promenade de la mer

In 2003, Rimouski created a 4.3km seawalk or “Promenade de la mer” to allow everyone to enjoy its exceptional geographic allocation. Since then, locals and visitors have gathered there in all seasons to walk, jog, pedal, admire the sunsets and meet friends.

The Promenade is stone’s throw from the convention center, several hotels and many restaurants – ideal whether you are going for a sunrise run to energise your day, or a sunset stroll to digest the gourmet dinner you enjoyed across the street. The Promenade de la Mer, the perfect place to take a big breath of salty air… downtown!


For a few years, two towers installed on the Promenade de la Mer and the breakwater have allowed us to follow—in real time—a phenomenon inseparable from Rimouski: the tide.

Residents and visitors can look at the series of lights that represent the water level to immediately find out its height, whether it is coming in or going out, and predict what is about to happen in the bay. Will we see ducks, herons or seals? Some kayakers or striped bass fishers? As with many things in Rimouski, it will depend on the tide.

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When you get to Rimouski, the St. Lawrence River is a magnificent body of water that boaters love for the challenges it offers, including currents, tides and changing winds.

The Rimouski marina is the ideal place to take advantage of this vast playground, whether long-term or for a short stopover. A gas station, grey water recovery, an always-accessible launch ramp, and a brand new bistro with bar service and light meals are all part of what’s on offer.

Several departures, see What to do! Outdoors & Panorama – Sea Trips

For more information:
Rimouski Marina
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The imposing presence of the St. Lawrence Estuary—the largest on Earth—means that heatwaves are rare in Rimouski. The air we breathe is invigorating. Yet the coastal winds blow less strongly in Rimouski than elsewhere along the river because St-Barnabé Island protects the city. As you go inland, the cool river air is felt less and less. So whether you prefer the warmth of the countryside or the fresh air of the coast, you will appreciate the region. And if you find the coast less comfortable when summer ends, you don’t have to go far to see the fall colours reflected in the region’s numerous lakes.

Flora and Fauna

Rimouski’s geographical position provides a range of pastoral, forest and marine environments within a small area. These house a wide variety of animal and plant species.

Do you enjoy birdwatching? We have dozens of kilometres of trails to explore within the city. Or spot the shorebirds from the Promenade de la mer.

Head to the mouth of the Rimouski River, still within the city, to fish for striped bass.

Follow the Route des monts Notre-Dame through the Notre-Dame mountains and across the Neigette high country to see the fall colours. You are getting out of the city but the shades of red, yellow and orange of the maple groves along this scenic route are well worth the trip.

Rediscover remote-working in Rimouski

Are you working remotely? Why not make the most of it near the river, in a city where sports, fresh air, culture and community life are easily accessible year-round? Nothing is ever far away in Rimouski. The sea, the forest, parks, restaurants, cafés: everything you need to ski, walk, run, pedal, row, socialise, and eat well is just minutes from your workplace. And as our open spaces are never crowded, there’s nowhere better to unwind between meetings or to recharge after a strenuous workday, wherever you are working. Find productivity in a chalet, your hotel room or one of our state-of-the-art co-working spaces, where you can rent offices and meeting rooms by the week, by the hour or by the day. Looking for a change of scenery? Need to work for an hour or two during your vacation? Welcome to the city of work-life balance.

Photo by: Refuge du Vieux Loup de Mer

Observation of the night sky

The Lower St. Lawrence is a prime location for star-gazing. In Rimouski, we’re fortunate in that there are many places where you can observe celestial phenomena. For the ultimate star-gazing experience, get away from the city’s light pollution and look up into the sky, where you’ll see thousands of stars. Not sure where to go for star-gazing? Here’s an article on the best places to go stargazing in the Rimouski area:

Happy stargazing!