Théâtre du Bic / Théâtre les gens d’en bas offers an annual program focusing on creative theater and contemporary dance.

Its intimacy, the quality of its stage-to-room ratio, its exceptional acoustics, as well as its convertible stage and auditorium, make it an ideal venue for carrying out its artistic mandate. Théâtre du Bic is advantageously located on the international circulation circuit for creative theater.

Upcoming shows in French:

June 20-29, 2024: L’incroyable et ineffaçable histoire de Sainte-Dignité-de-l’Avenir :

Following the economic crisis of 1929, the State and the Church orchestrated the colonization of the Eastern Quebec Highlands. Only 30 years later, they threaten to close a hundred villages. What followed in the early 70s was a popular uprising organized around Opérations Dignité. L’Incroyable et ineffaçable histoire de Sainte-Dignité-de-l’Avenir traces the lives of the founding settlers who, with the means at their disposal, stood up against oppression. To bring their history and memory out of oblivion, the Théâtre du Bic/les gens d’en bas, in close collaboration with the Centre de mise en valeur des Opérations Dignité, pays a direct, funny and poignant tribute to the men and women who, past and present, inhabit the territory with the fierce determination of pioneers who believe that the land belongs to those who care for it so that the fruits will be plentiful.

July 16 – August 17, 2024: Fanny

In her late fifties, Fanny is perfectly happy with her lover Dorian; their complicity is obvious, life is simple, sweet, tranquil – perhaps a little too tranquil?

To add meaning to their daily lives, they decide to take in Alice, a student. For the childless couple, it’s an opportunity to give back, to support. But Alice is frontal, brutal in her words, truth and convictions. Her stance upsets Fanny, destabilizes her, challenges her… and keeps her moving.

Fanny is an encounter between two women. Fanny and Alice. A meeting between two generations, two worlds, two visions of the world, two energies. A meeting like an exchange that will enable Fanny and Alice to draw on each other’s baggage to pursue their respective careers.


Pictures copyright :

Sainte-Dignité : Stéphane Bourgeois

Fanny : Mélany Bernier