The sentiers du Mont-Comi  are trails developed for mountain bike enthusiasts.

Created in 2020, the objective of the Non-Lucrative Organism des sentiers du Mont-Comi is to develop mountain bike trails, accessible to everyone.

New beginner trails are under construction and will be available in the upcoming years.

List of trails currently available:

Parc du Mont-Comi sector :                                 Enduro sector :

La Monko – Begginer                                            La Léo – Begginer

La Sous-Bois I – Intermediate                             La Soleil – Intermediate

La Bérubé – Hard                                                   La Tremblay – Intermediate

La DH1 – Hard                                                        La Ground Zero – Intermediate

La Short-Cut – Hard                                              La Bouillon – Hard

La Sous-Bois II – Hard                                          La Roy – Hard

La Freeride #5 – Extreme

La DH2 – Extreme

For further details about the trails:

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